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Finally, people just stopped going to the movies. As the NYT put it, "Because of climbing prices and competition from other forms of entertainment, a trip to the multiplex has become a special event. For a group with such clout, profiles of the folks at Rotten Tomatoes seem a bit bemused at their newfound power. Among the employees who've been interviewed or portrayed:.

Sure enough, LinkedIn says the company has between " employees. If we want to add number 37, that would probably be Paul Yanover, the president of Fandango, which as we mentioned, has owned the site since and which in turn is owned by NBCUniversal.

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To combat the massive clout of Rotten Tomatoes, and ratchet up their Tomatometer scores, studios are apparently trying a few tricks. Sometimes, they get friendly critics to review their movies early, after private screenings.

Llanview in the Afternoon: An Oral History of One Life to Live

The idea is that early reviews are most important because later critics will likely be swayed, and pile onto the bandwagon. They also create spreadsheets of critics to invite to screenings, based on past reviews and what percentage were positive. For really bad movies, one strategy is to prevent critics from seeing or writing about a movie until after it officially premieres. Then the horrible reviews came in, and it's now rated at 8 out of So then people call into question the validity of the book.

What would you say to that? There were people, and she was part of the group, that told me things that were off the record, and it did not make it in. There were things people told me that did not make it into the book, actually.

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Jack Scott to ask for his side of the story. Speaking of people from the past, one of the more heartbreaking things in the book is kind of following the downfall of actors who were being phased out, or were just written off, after years on the show! I am fascinated by the medium in general. The more I thought about it, the more I thought somebody should do it, and it did not seem like anyone was going to do it.

I was terrified to talk to him after all the stories I had heard about him. In the book, there are a lot of stories about what a tyrant he was on set, and that he kept a punching bag in his office, and he fired people for inscrutable reasons. Everyone lived under this terror of being called into his office. When I talked to him he was this sweet, good-humored older man. We had a warm conversation. At the very beginning of its run, OLTL was about a diverse group of families of different social and economic backgrounds. I am guessing, much like me, you saw every ten to fifteen years they would have a new little pocket of token minorities kind of bubble up for a little bit, and then fade away.

So many producers changed up One Life to Live in the early days; that if they had kept it to what it was at the beginning, it would have been a defining show in the ABC lineup instead of the least known of the ABC Daytime brand fighting for recognition between General Hospital and All My Children. You are absolutely correct! And, I think a whole other book could be written about how everyone grossly misunderstood what Gloria Monty was doing at GH, and how deeply it affected every other show in daytime.

And as far as getting away from its original identify, all OLTL had to do was go back to what they had at the beginning. A Callison is grilling Karen and breaking her down bit by bit! Apparently, Tony hated his performance! This is so over the top. And I remember him being a much more naturalistic actor. So, I wanted to ask him about that. He was very funny. I wish I had gotten more people to talk about Eterna, because that is the one that really is ridiculousness to me.

It has to look ten times faker on the set. How do you sell the material?

Erika Slezak seemed to have a good perspective on the situation, though. There was no judgment from her at all. I thought that highlighted what a complex guy he was, and how complicated it was for everyone else who had a relationship with him. Michael Storm talks about how he did not like working with Clint. There were a couple of other people who talked about how belligerent he would get on the set, and how kind of mean he could be.

But, he was not always like that. He was talented, and I thought Erika seemed to have a clear picture of who he was. Out of all the producers that you discussed with former cast members, or behind the scenes personal, was there one producer who stood out as the most favorable? No one said a bad word about Frank Valentini, and no one said a bad word about Jean Arley, either. But everyone loved Frank Valentini, and how he earned his stripes under Paul Rauch. In the book, there is a point where Hillary B. Smith Nora talked about one of the grossest moments in the shows story, involving Roscoe Born as Mitch Laurence?

How was Roscoe Born to talk to? Mitch was such a heinous character, but the series always found a way to bring him back! Roscoe was wonderful to talk to. I think he is funny. He will say things and contraindicate things — such as: he did not really care for the daytime stigma, but then talk about how it affected his career, and all the roles that it cost him, and the personal embarrassment of how people treated him because of it. He was very open about that. Smith won the Daytime Emmy for she related to you that she overstepped her bounds and re-wrote a lot of the closing argument from the original dialog given to her, by then OLTL head writer, Michael Malone.

I can tell you that Michael Malone and Hillary are still friends, because it was Michael who put me in touch with Hillary. You also reveal how a beloved favorite, Marilyn Chris Ex-Wanda Wolek decided she was done with the show. I remember watching the show back then.

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All of a sudden, Marilyn was gone! She did not want to do it anymore. I think like for a lot of other actors, it was a terrific way for her to subsidize her theatre career, and then she did not need the money anymore. She was not working as much, and the landscape of the show had changed to such a great extent, it was easy for her to let go of the character. Where does your book end … because right now, there is a huge cliffhanger for fans if One Life to Live will see a second season with Prospect Park?

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It ends after the first season of the revival of One Life to Live , and interestingly enough the way that Prospect Park constructed their sets. Both Erika and Hillary said it had the effect of restoring some of the theatre and repertory feeling to the company, and restored some of the comradarie they had in the old days.

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  6. I thought that was a nice way to bring it full circle. I was really struggling to end the book on a happy note. So I ended it on a question mark … rather than a period. Yes, he was wonderful. The sense you get from him is he is a passionate defender of daytime. He tells a great story of Bob Woods in the book where Nathan credits One Life to Live with giving him all the tools to become a successful actor, and how they gave him an acting coach.

    He was green, and he picked up all these skills. No matter what, you are going to tell the network you are leaving at the end of your contract. And, you are going to go to L.

    One Life To Live-Viki Snaps On The President Of Llanview University 1993

    And if you try and you fail, you can always come back to One Life to Live. You get locked into that role for so many reasons; some of which are the steady work and money.

    For someone like Woods, it gave him a good life and lifestyle. When Nathan Filllon told that story, and he looks around and sees everything he has, he knows he owes it to Bob Woods. You also had a great story about Brandon Buddy coming from Texas and landing the role of Cole Thornhart.

    I spoke with Brandon and how he got the role.

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    After the auditions, somehow Brandon ended up ferrying all of these guys back to the hotel they were staying at. And as he is driving them back to the hotel, they are all telling him how sure they are that they got the role! Laughs Brandon seems very self-effacing and down to earth. Roy Thinnes did a remarkable job at playing Sloan Carpenter, who dealt with coming to grips with his own son being gay, and also falling in love with Viki, and eventually dying.

    But what went down behind the scenes, according to you in the book, was also intriguing! Unfortunately, it did not end very well. They were playing him against Clint Ritchie, and Linda wanted to make a triangle on-screen. Clint got hurt with a tractor accident and they had been meaning to get rid of Sloan. But then when Clint got hurt they knew they needed to keep him around, and so they signed him to another deal. And then when Clint got better, they decided to get rid of him.