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A: "I used to be so much better at the guitar, but I feel like I'm losing it. To vomit.

Losing It - Fisher | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I thought I was going to lose it out on that boat—I felt so seasick! Oh, God! I think I'm going to lose it! Go lose it in the bushes. It was too much for him. Ted lost it. I sat there calmly, biting my lip to keep from losing it. If someone loses it , they become extremely angry or upset. I completely lost it. I was shouting and swearing. He also had more business savvy than anyone Katharina knew. Over the past 30 years, he had transformed a conservative, family-owned department store in West Germany into an international chain of low-cost retail outlets.

Losing It – Understanding What Makes Us Snap (With Elisabeth Corey)

He thought she was vivacious and funny and that, like him, she had a fierce desire to compete. He pulled out her chair as the waiter brought their menus.

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Katharina was in high spirits, and her expansiveness was catching. You can transform your entire profitability by encouraging high performers to get the help they need. Are we talking about shrinkage here? Unaccounted inventory loss? Smart people, people who have everything going for them—even people like you and me—sometimes need shrinks to help them grieve.

Anyway, therapy has always seemed like a lot of hocus-pocus to me. Katharina broke into tears. You must have figured that out by now. So what is this, some kind of joke? You laugh, you cry, you come up with some harebrained scheme about a shrink incentive plan.

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Are you pulling my leg? She looked at him intently, her eyes glittering.

BPM results for "fisher losing it"

I mean, you take a city like Berlin. The Allies divided it on September 12, and September 12 is my birthday. Nervously, he hedged. What letter did God create the world with?


In the living room, the television was blaring. Katharina tried to ignore it as she listened to her voice mails. Karl had called six or seven times, asking her to call him back. Roland had left an angry message. Feeling exposed and betrayed, she moved into the living room and plopped down on the couch. She switched the channel to ARD and began watching the evening news. It was gruesome, as usual. Elsewhere in the Middle East, Israeli attacks on the West Bank and Gaza Strip had killed 15 more Palestinians, bringing the count to deaths in the last 11 months alone.

Suddenly, she had a moment of such utter terror that she felt as if she were frozen in free fall. She realized she had to warn Harry of the impending apocalypse—and she had to warn him now. She promptly called his secretary in New York to find out where he was staying.

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Scribbling the fax number down on a scrap of paper—31 for Holland, and then —Katharina replaced the receiver and grabbed a can of Coke from the refrigerator. Gulping down the soda, she went to the computer where she sat down to write what she knew would probably be the most important letter of her career. But I have to tell you, this is really an organizational problem. You hire the smartest women you can find, and then you put us under men who are terrified of our intelligence.

Everywhere I look I keep getting premonitions that the world is coming to an end. I saw that movie Z on television last night, the one about the politician who gets murdered. Does u? Oh, Harry, I wish I could explain how utterly petrified I am. Katharina finished her letter and faxed it to Harry in the Netherlands. To be sure he received it, she faxed him a second copy, and a third, and then, finally, Katharina felt she had done everything she could do. Wired and restless, she crawled into bed and put out the light. Wide awake, Katharina Waldburg was once again in the dark.

He held several faxed pages in his hands.

Harry went to the suite bar and mixed a Manhattan for his wife and a martini for himself. As they sipped their drinks, Harry reflected on recent events and tried to put them together logically in his mind. But with Katharina it had all happened so fast. She had been talking to clients about the benefits of practical paranoia, and in a country like Germany, where executives were desperate to regain any competitive edge, her ideas about the paranoid organization had been a big hit.

But attacking Roland in the office and offending clients crossed the boundaries of what was acceptable. She went out and got drunk with his client. But if we fire her, we could end up getting sued. She sat down on the sofa beside Harry. I mean, on what grounds could I do that?

And she sent around some oddball memos.

Fisher- Losing It-Lost Frequencies @Live Tomorrowland #Fisher

But if I tried to hospitalize every associate who sent me rambling e-mails, the asylums would be full. Harry and Caroline sat in silence for a few minutes. He felt threatened by Katharina—I know that now—but she wanted to be in Berlin so badly that I persuaded him to take her.

Maybe it was the tension between them that pushed her over the edge. Katharina may try to get in touch with other clients or, worse, she could do something to hurt herself. What a mess. MacArthur Fellow. On average, one person in will suffer from manic depression or bipolar illness, as it is also called in the severe form described here, and another two or three will experience it in a milder form.

In high-powered environments, such as the one at Pierce and Company, the numbers will be even higher. In other words, a lot of businesspeople have bipolar illness, but because of the stigma involved, no one admits it, and the illness goes untreated. On average, one person in will suffer from manic depression in a severe form, and another two or three will experience it in a milder form.

This is regrettable because manic depression is a very treatable illness—science is clear on this. A company can do several things to prepare itself for situations such as the one Harry Beecham faces—not the least of which is to develop general guidelines for handling psychiatric crises in the workplace. For instance, they can make sure their senior managers are educated about the symptoms of major mental illnesses.