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  1. Before The Event…
  2. A Quick Guide to Event Management in Dynamics for Marketing
  3. Your Quick Guide to Becoming a Kickass Party Planner

Before The Event…

Here are some proactive steps you can take as you learn how to become a party planner. Click To Tweet.

  • Quick Guide for Event Planning!
  • Strategic and Organizational Change: From Production to Retailing in UK Brewing 1950-1990 (Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks)!
  • Your Quick Guide to Becoming a Kickass Party Planner - Eventbrite!

In the party planning business, official training is a nice to have , not a have to have. Experience and talent are definitely more important than training. That said, certain undergrad and grad degrees lend themselves well to party planning expertise:. If you want to take it even further, professional event training shows a serious level of commitment to your career.

There are a few credentials you could pursue:.

Eventbrite also offers a selection of free, online event planning courses to get certified in the skills you need to grow your career. Flair for a good time aside, there are some practical traits that will make you a better party planner. A lot of these traits could work in almost any job posting.

Feel free to have more than one type of early bird discount at various stages during the pre-event. You should begin receiving registrations 2 — 5 weeks after your first EDM blast. By using GEVME as your preferred event management system, you will be provided with all the statistics you want in real-time to track and evaluate your campaign performance. We have already shared how effective emails can be as a support tool, helping you get your content directly in front of your audience, and offering them something of value beyond asking them to register for your conference. Need some help with email marketing?

As mentioned earlier, having an expiry to early bird discounts and special pricing helps generate a sense of urgency.

A Quick Guide to Event Management in Dynamics for Marketing

A good idea is to send out a notice to undecided invitees as the early bird deadline approaches, and you should see a wave of RSVPs from people wanting to catch the savings while they still can. Drive that attendance rate up! Get in touch with our friendly Account Managers from GEVME and determine ahead of time what portable equipment you have available, and whether you have to rent equipment for on-site registration such as tablets, laptops and name badge printers.

The GEVME Onsite App supports the entire event onsite experience by providing the necessary software features and event technology to provide a seamless experience for attendees. With just a couple of weeks to go, it is time for your last-push marketing. Some event organizers like to keep online registration open throughout the event and incorporate any additional on-site registrations or changes directly in their registration system.

This maximizes pre-registration opportunities, and also provides you with enough time to calculate numbers for session sizes, total payment received meals and more. Stay up-to-date with your attendee data. With the GEVME Onsite App, create name tag designs with your favored graphic design software and bring that design into our print template. This is a real event experience killer.

Your Quick Guide to Becoming a Kickass Party Planner

Using the GEVME Onsite feature, you will be able to check your attendees in at your conference for a smooth and hassle-free on-site experience. Using LX design at events involves ensuring that the planning process covers stages like conceptualisation, research, prototyping, experimentation, testing, and iteration, making sure each of these steps promotes active learning that has experiential value.

Moreover, you can use technology to assist you with this objective, as events tech can help create learning experiences using platforms that appeal to all attendees and their respective learning preferences, whether they are visual, auditory or sensory. Engaging conference learning experiences do not end once the last session is over. As the organiser, you can take the educational experience beyond the actual conference so that attendees can uncover the practical value and real-life application of what they have learnt. The principle here is learning by doing, which means you need to create opportunities that allow attendees to incorporate new information into their everyday lives.

For example, you can organise post-conference online discussion groups or live stream storytelling sessions where attendees share how they have benefited from the conference.

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In summary, conferences and similar events can provide excellent learning opportunities for both face-to-face and online, especially if organisers take an experiential, experience-based approach to designing and running events. This can also help organisers establish themselves as organisations that deliver valuable knowledge in modern and compatible formats using methods that foster reflection, self-directed learning, and information discovery.

This encompasses the overall organisation of conferences and meetings including the management of hotel rooms and the strategic consultancy. Amongst our clients are international associations, governmental organisations and corporations. We CARE — our clients, participants, employees and planet deserve our care and attention.

Conference networking is a valuable takeaway in the form of new relationships and essential contacts. Apart from the learning experience, a conference provides excellent opportunities for networking, business or career development. However, if you want networking to be a game-changer, you need to approach it with the right attitude. Before attending a conference, you need […]. The events industry keeps going from strength to strength.

But with growth comes increased competition, which can make it harder for organisations to secure event sponsorships.