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Seneca Park Zoo Society is a tax-exempt C 3 nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law. Animal Info. Status in the Wild. Did you know? This African parrot makes a long migration once a year through west Africa. Senegal parrots commonly feed one another as part of bonding behavior in mating pairs.

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Speckled Mousebird. With a perfect blend of an affectionate and mischievous personality, the Senegal parrot makes a unique and loveable pet bird. With nesting grounds found commonly all over the West African continent, the Senegal parrot is a common bird in the wild, as well as in captivity.

They flock in savannahs, oil palm groves, and open woodland areas, and are always close to a fresh water source. They are easily recognized in the wild, due to their noisy chattering with whistles and caws as they roost.

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They are quite small compared to other parrots, with an average size reaching 9 inches 23 centimeters and a weight of 6 ounces grams. A distinguishing trait is their slightly oversized head and beak, which both seem a bit large when compared to the rest of their body. Even though there are no general differences between the sexes, the males sometimes tend to grow larger and heavier than the female birds.

The Senegal parrot is a generally quiet and moderately loud bird, preferring to chat and mimic, rather than make calls. When he does though, it is a high pitch whistle or a screech. They will learn a good deal of words and mimic them whenever they feel like it, and they will also learn plenty of tricks and voice commands.

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There is plenty of unique details on the Senegal parrots, all of them exotic and pretty. Choose a Senegal if you have a little bit of bird experience. Generally speaking, parrots are not the best choice for someone with no bird experience. These birds require guidance, boundaries, and training.

Parrot species Species

Fortunately, as parrots go, Senegals are among the easiest to work with. Parrots are considered exotic birds, and as such, can be expensive. Fortunately, among parrots, Senegals are the most cost-effective. Senegal parrots are primarily appreciated for their warm personalities, their ease of training, and their less-expensive price. They are not as widely appreciated for their appearance. If flashy feathers are not a big deal to you, a Senegal may be a great choice.

Select a Senegal if you want a quieter bird. Senegal parrots are among the quieter species of parrots. Instead, they will make mostly whistling and clucking noises.

Parrot species Species

Senegals can develop vocabularies with dozens of words. All birds make noise. Senegals are not silent, they are merely more quiet and less screechy than other species of parrots. If I adopt a 17 year old parrot that has bonded with his previous owner, will he bond with me?

Senegal Parrot Forum • View topic - Senegal Parrot Information and FAQ

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful My Senegal always avoid accepting food on my hand. She'll back out if I put my bare hand in for her to stand on. Only when I wear a glove will she.

Senegal Parrot

What do I do? Kenz Steph. You are off to a good start, but your Senegal doesn't connect that your gloved hand is the same as your real hand. Patience is the key.

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  7. You can still use the glove, but try talking to your Senegal in soft tones. Once it is accustomed to your voice, you can try your hand without the glove. Make sure you move slowly, and again, patience is the key. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6.

    Our Senegalese parrot screeches more than he whistles or clicks. Why is this so?