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Cal Fire: No more burning as fire season arrives. Police investigating shooting that sent two teens to hospital. Vandals hit King City school, Greenfield police.

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World Cup live: U. Salinas boxers finish among country's best. What we know about death of year-old pitcher. Sheriff's K-9 tracks man accused of hit-and-run. DA: 1, weed convictions may be reduced.

The Californians

Prosecutors will not seek death penalty in Burchard slaying. At Furey's Old Town Barber, the atmosphere is the draw.

DA: Man called police on himself after chase. The uptick in vehicle living comes as no surprise to housing advocates, who have long warned of the consequences of an untenable housing crisis in the region. For the last 10 years, California has constructed less than half the new homes needed to keep up with population growth , creating a scarcity that has driven up rents and home prices. Amid the crisis, homelessness in general has surged. Other parts of California have seen similar increases.

The Californians | Saturday Night Live Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Officials have had to balance helping this population in a compassionate manner, while also addressing constituent complaints about them. Some, like San Francisco and Oakland have proposed safe parking zones, where individuals with vehicles that fit certain parameters can securely leave their belongings without fear of enforcement for an allotted period of time. Vehicle living is not a new phenomenon, especially in the west where the weather is milder than in other parts of the country.

‘Let’s get people off the streets’

Brown and her older sister lived out of their van periodically throughout the s, while their mother worked to save up money for the next apartment. But homeless advocates say the numbers are on the rise. The transient population is notoriously difficult to count, and those living in their vehicles are even more so because of their mobility. From their work with the population, however, advocates know that many have recently become homeless, and then got stuck in this life.

Some are on their own.

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Some are with their families. Some have children. Some have steady work, and money saved up — just not enough to finance the high cost of rent in California. Roberto Lopez, 44, falls into that category. At first, Lopez tried staying with family members. They love me, they treat me good, but then three, four months later, frictions everywhere. Flies buzz thick along the roadway leading up to it, circling piles of shoes, plywood and debris spilling out into street.

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Friendly and chatty, Lopez is quick to greet strangers entering the camp. His deep smile lines crinkled easily at the corners of his eyes as he teased the other camp residents passing by. The camp consists of dozens of vans, cars, RVs and trailers, crammed into a circle alongside tiny houses and plywood structures.

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But right now, he wants to stay with his friends. For as long as people need shelter and have a vehicle, sleeping in a car is preferable to the alternatives. Eakin was soaking some dishes with soapy water on the pavement next to his faded orange-and-yellow RV. Eakin moved into his first RV at one of the lowest points of his life.

He had been living in a tent on the streets after losing his work in flooring following a back injury. One day, he left his camping gear with a friend, only to return to find all his possessions stolen.

The next day, Blondie was wrongfully accused of biting someone, and animal care and control took her away. That was six years ago. Since then, life has become exponentially better. Eakin feels comfortable enough now to leave from time to time to work odd jobs. He has a community of other RV dwellers.

And he has a band, Grape Soda, with two of them. Their cramped studio is set up in one of their RVs, complete with a drum kit, guitars and a sound mixer.